Our story

The year was 2018. 

Ink & Elk creator Kristy Sinclair was planning her
nursery for her new arrival due later that year.

She found so many amazing nursery ideas online...

Her nursery Pinterest board was glorious.

But it was really hard to find all those amazing decor products
within the Australian market.

Wall art was the trickiest to find, and international
shipping costs were just too damn high...



Ink & Elk - where it all started, a watercolour elk!

A brand (and a baby) was born!

So... she decided to start making her own wall art, beginning with a jolly little elk painted with watercolours and white ink. And thus, Ink & Elk was born! We've changed a little bit since we started, but our goal is still the same...

Ink & Elk artwork to inspire little minds

Delight and inspire little minds

We want to bring your little one's imagination to life by adding magic and adventure to their space, in every place. We celebrate the silly, the fun, and the colour in life!

Ink & Elk - Be kind to our planet.

Minimise harm to the planet

We strive to be conscious of our impact on the planet by constantly evaluating our products and processes. We use a less wasteful way of production through print-on-demand, with the latest eco-friendly printing tech. Where possible, we minimise any plastic packaging. We use fulfilment partners in various regions for more efficient shipping, helping to reduce CO₂ emissions produced when transporting orders.

Ink & Elk - Proudly made in Australia

Made in Australia

All local orders are manufactured within Australia, helping to support the local economy.